“Nothing brings one closer to his God than standing in a tobacco field, listening to leaves rustle in the breeze”.  We are blessed to be part of this earth to partake in its richness and it is our solemn duty to leave the planet a better place than we found it.

Have you ever asked yourself “how many hands have been involved” from seed to ash? Each one of those hands has a story, a passion, and a love for cigars. Next time you are about to light up, take a moment to think about those countless hands that have brought you your smoking pleasure!

Philip G. Wynne

Terroir & Leaf Processing

The terroir gives the seed variety its unique characteristics. The combination of sunshine, rainfall, drainage, and type of soil are part of this complicated equation. Once harvested fermentation is key, how the leaves are processed, graded, and aged influences the ultimate quality of the cigar.

Unique Blends

Like in the makings of a fine wine the characteristics given by the particular climate and soil give the tobacco used in the blend its DNA which properties are fundamental for the cigar blend.


Our very finest cigars are available in limited runs. These releases portray the best of the best of our boutique production. Each cigar is meticulously aged till it reaches its ultimate taste profile. Enjoy these rare pleasures.


In order to enhance the pleasure of our cigars, we encourage you to enjoy them with a spirit, wine, or coffee of your choice. This combination is the ultimate marriage of flavors and aromas.


Earned Smoke

Lighting up in the Cibao Dominican Republic.

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