Nec Plus Ultra.


This cigar (extremely limited in production) is made with love, gratitude, and the knowledge that 30 years have brought me. I have blended essential elements from my journey in the cigar world. Only 500 jars of Don Felipe cigars (5×54) have been made.

Strength Profile: Medium 

Filler: 22-year-old Habano 98 Copan Ruinas. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch parked itself over Honduras for 48 hours and washed away the topsoils from this region, making it so that the taste profile of this “terrior” has forever disappeared. This tobacco can be compared to a rare vintage, as it can never be reproduced. 

Binder: A 10-year-aged Ancestral pelo de Oro leaf grown in Costa Rica which delivers a rich bouquet and evokes the taste profile of the original Habano cigars.

Wrapper: Ecuadrian Habano Rosado, unique in its color profile, silly composition, and subtle note. 

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Don Felipe 5 x 54

To all the cigar connoisseurs out there, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your moments of pleasure for these last 30 years.

Por el amor al humo!


Rare 15 years old aged tobacco in limited production. Cigars have been aged in cedar trunks for five years.

Strength Profile: Medium 

Binder: Habana 2000

Filler: Medio Tempo Habano

Wrapper: Cameroun Ecuador

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Dalia 6 3/4 x 43 

Cabinet box of 25 signed, dated & numbered.


This gorgeous torpedo is  sweet and salty with leather and carmel, but the finer points reveal notes of coffee bean, walnut, dried flowers and a zesty spiciness that makes it bright and vibrant.  

Ten year aged tobaccos are used to make the blend in this cigar, only 5000 cigars we made.

Strength Profile: Medium 

Binder: Broad Leaf Ecuador

Filler: Corojo, Costa Rica

Wrapper:  Sumatra, Ecuador

Frontmarks and Sizes:

6 x 52 Torpedo


This maduro cigar is ripe with black cherry and bittersweet chocolates notes that encompass the blend.

In carbon fiber boxes of 26.

Strength Profile: Medium Full

Binder: Broad Leaf Ecuador

Filler: 10 year old Corojo

Wrapper:  San Andres, Negro

Frontmarks and Sizes:

6 x 50

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