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Felipe Gregorio Classic

Felipe Gregorio delivers a smoke that is chewy and earthy, very rich with a leathery note and hints of dried fruits, a big delicious finish. 

Strength Profile: Medium to Full

Wrapper: Habano 92

Binder: Sun Grown Habano 44

Filler: Habano 92

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Suntuoso: 7 x 50

Mystic Knight: 6 x 56       Rated 92  from Cigar Aficionado

Belicoso: 6 1/4 x 52        Rated 90  from Cigar Aficionado

Sereno: 5 1/2 x 48       Rated 89  from Cigar Aficionado

Robusto: 5 x 50        Rated 90  from Cigar Aficionado

Petit Perfecto: 5 x 52        Rated 92  from Cigar Aficionado

Fat Boy: 3 1/2 x 55        Rated 89  from Cigar Aficionado


“Felipe Gregorio is a true equal of genuine factory Havanas”- Smoke Shop Magazine”


The cigars are wonderful: rich, hearty smokes with lots of character, powered by an intriguing wrapper leaf grown in Costa Rica from an Ancestral Cuban seed called Pelo de Oro (which means “hair of gold”).

Released every seven years, limited production.

Strength Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Pelo De Oro

Binder: Habano 92 

Filler: Corojo

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Triple R: 5 1/2 x 55        Rated 91 from Cigar Aficionado

Special Robusto: 4 7/8 x 50        Rated 92 from Cigar Aficionado

Supreme Power: 5 1/2 x 52        Rated Top 25 Cigars of 2007 by Cigar Aficionado

Art Of Power

A flavor bomb, notes of dark chocolate, nut, earth, white pepper, cedar and a unique salted caramel bouquet that cements the flavor profile.

Strength Profile: Full

Wrapper: San Andres Negro

Binder: Pennsylvania

Filler: Criollo, Dominican Republica

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Lord Byron: 6 x 48       Rated 93 from Cigar Reviews

Maximus: 5 1/2 x 58 

Optimus: 5 7/8 x 54 

Caesar: 4 7/8 x 50

“This cigar was nothing short of a grand slam home run and is one of the standout releases I have had in 2015” – Cigar Coop


Felipe Gregorio 1957 Series

The Felipe Gregorio 1957 Series is another highly-rated line from Felipe Gregorio. This particular line was created to commemorate the founder’s fiftieth birthday. The 1957 is a medium-bodied cigar that features a filler blend that has been aged for seven years. Intense creamy coffee and nutmeg flavors. 

Strength Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Cameroun, Ecuador

Binder: Habano 2000, Costa Rica

Filler: Criollo 94 Dominican, Republic

Frontmarks and Sizes:

FG 52: (Rex) 6 x 52       Rated 90  from Cigar Aficionado

FG 54: (Victory) 6 1/2 x 54       Rated 90  from Cigar Aficionado 

FG 50 : 5 x 50

FG 48: 7 x 48

There are some great flavors that come out of this and honestly, I would pick another up just to be able to enjoy them again. -The Cigar Store

Felipe Dominicana

A creamy mellow cigar, on the palate expect flavors of citrus fruits, cedar and white pepper. It has a sharp burn with a clean finish.

Strength Profile: Mild

Wrapper: Connecticut, Ecuador

Binder: San Vincente

Filler: Olor Dominicano

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Series 749: 7 1/2 x 49

Series 546: 6 1/2 x 54

Series 550: 5 x 50

“A flavorful and consistent smoke”- The Stick Stickler

Felipe Felipe

An earthy spicy smoke that unfolds rich notes of macadamia nut, vanilla, toasted almonds and hints of leather. It delivers a long delicious finish on the palate. 

Strength Profile: Medium Full

Wrapper: Aripiraca, Brazil

Binder: Habano Condega, Nicaragua

Filler: Colla de Gallo, Costa Rica

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Magnum 54: 4 3/8 x 55

Magnum 56: 5 X 56

Felipe Felipe on par with the best Cubans.
Le Cigare – Switzerland


The tobaccos for this cigar were aged over 5 years together in cedar trunks, “Fusing” the blend.

Strength Profile: Medium Full

Wrapper: Habano 2000, Ecuador

Binder: Cameroun

Filler: Piloto Cubano

Frontmarks and Sizes:

F1: 6 x 48 

F2: 6 x 58

F3: 5 x 50

F5:  5 x 54

F7: 5 1/2 x 43

A must have cigar “- Cigar Reviews by Katman

Pelo De Oro

A truly satisfying combination of almond, sea salt and butterscotch deliver a sweet and salty sensation, The Ancestral Cuban Seed tobacco used in it its blend brings back the aromas of Cuban cigars of years past.

Strength Profile: Medium Full

Wrapper: Pelo de Oro, Costa Rica

Binder: Vuelta Abajo 1941, Costa Rica

Filler: Pelo de Oro, Peru

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Robusto:   5 x 50 

Laguito No. 5:    5 1/2 x 54 

“As for myself this is a cigar that is definitely one I’d smoke again.”- Cigar Coop

Don Cirilo

Nutty and floral at first, this box pressed cigar starts to intensify with notes cocoa, crushed walnuts, black cherry and dark espresso. Taste Profile: Medium Full.

Strength Profile: Medium Full

Wrapper: Habano Rosado, Ecuador

Binder: Broad Leaf, Ecuador

Filler: Habano 92 Esteli, Nicaragua

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Reserva Familiar No. 2:    6 x 54 Torpedo

Reserva Familiar No. 3:    6 x 56

Reserva Familiar No. 4:    5 x 50 

“I go beyond recommending the Don Cirilo Reserva Familiar. It is a gift from the gods.” – Cigar Reviews Kohned


A complex cigar with notes of leather, hazelnut, dried figs and milk chocolate. It has an oaky finish. 

Strength Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Habano, Ecuador

Binder: Honduras, Copan

Filler: Jalapa, Nicaragua

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Salomon: 7 1/2 x 60

Robusto: 5 x 52

“This is an event cigar, any time you have one it is an event – wanting more”

– Cigarmayven

Felipe Capas

Richness and complexity abound in this smooth smoke. It envelops the palate with layers of dark roasted coffee and bittersweet chocolate delivering subtle notes to the palate.

Strength Profile: Medium to Full

Wrapper(s): Cameroun Ecuador – San Andres Mexico

Binder: Broad Leaf Ecuador

Filler: Habano 92 Nicaragua

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Prominente 7 1/2 x 50
Polo 4 7/8 x 52
Short Perfecto 5 1/4 x 54
Únicos 5 1/2 x 54
Fat Winston 5 1/8 x 56


A complex earthy blend, that has hints of leather, citrus notes, nutmeg and toasted almonds, leaves a long subtle finish on the palate. Closed foot.

Strength Profile: Full

Wrapper: Sumatra, Ecuador

Binder: Pilot Cubano, Dominican Republic 

Filler: Habano Esteli, Nicaragua

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Colossus: 6.8 x 68

Taurus: 5 x60

Bora: 4 x 56

“Top Selling Cigar in Switzerland” – Le Cigare

Ras Tafari

Flavorful with an extremely rich bouquet, starts off with notes of earth and dark roasted coffee, slowly changes to floral and citric notes always maintaining a creaminess to the palate.

Percentage of proceeds benefit the Ethiopian Crown Council – HIH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie.

Strength Profile: Medium

Wrapper: Cameroun, Ecuador 

Binder: Criollo 92, Nicaragua

Filler: Jamaica Cow Tongue

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Afrika: 6 x 52

Negus: 5 1/2 x 60

Petrus Oro Negro

A rich maduro cigar with cedar wood, nutmeg and dark chocolate notes, slowly evolves to a smooth but rich smoke.

Strength Profile: Full

Wrapper: San Andres, Mexico

Binder: Sumatra, Ecuador

Filler: Piloto Cubano, Dominican Republic

Frontmarks and Sizes:

Augustus: 5 1/2 60

Sacro: 5 7/8 x 52

Gregorius: 4 7/8 x 50

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