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Felipe Gregorio Classic

Mystic Knight: Rated 92
Belicoso: Rated 90
Sereno: Rated 89
Rubusto: Rated 90
Petit Perfecto: Rated 92
Fat Boy: Rated 89


Triple R: Rated 91
Special Robusto: Rated 92

Top 25 Cigars of the year 2007

Felipe II

Reserva N: Rated 89
Reserva X: Rated 89
Reserva B: Rated 88
Reserva C: Rated 88
Reserva R: Rated 88
Fat Boy: Rated 89

Felipe Gregorio 1957 Series

FG 52 (REX): Rated 90
FG 54 (Victory): Rated 90
Coloniales: Rated 89
Majestic: Rated 89

Felipe Gregorio Fusion

Fusión F1: Rated 89
Fusión F2: Rated 89
Fusión F3: Rated 88

Don Melo Centenario

Liga T: Rated 90
Liga D: Rated 90
Liga C: Rated 90
Liga A: Rated 89

Petrus Dominicana

Churchill: Rated 90
Robusto: Rated 88
Lonsdale: Rated 88

Felipe Gregorio Excellence

Corona: Rated 88

Felipe Gregorio Centenario

Robusto: Rated 90

Petrus Prestige

Robusto: Rated 89

Petrus Etiquette

Belicoso: Rated 88
Robusto: Rated 88

Petrus Fortus

Anejo 3: Rated 89


Palma Fina: Rated 87


Series 550: Rated 88

Art Of Power

Lord Byron: Rated 93

Don Cirilo

Reviews By That Katman

Reserva Familiar Churchill:
" Highly recommended,
it is a gift from the gods."

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